About Me

Abbie Roden

I am a Kentucky-bred, half-Irish 20-something who is working in magazine publishing in New York City. You can usually find me with my Canon in hand or on my laptop (my roommates can vouch for this). I am constantly researching, brainstorming, and thinking of new ways to get out into the world in order to document anything and everything; I have a list of about five projects just sitting in my brain that I am waiting to explore. I have successfully created, pitched, and begun my first project, The Silly Bandz Project; I hope that this is only the first of many projects that I will launch in my lifetime.

My number one goal on my bucket-list is to make it to 50 countries before I’m 50; I’ve only got 17 more to go.

Other than checking flight alerts that are sent to my inbox daily, I enjoy eating in Chinatown on a weekly basis, turning iPhone photos into tiny filtered–sometimes #no(n)filter(ed)–squares, shopping for my next pair of shoes, and planning my next breakfast/brunch/lunch/snack/dinner.